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Patrick (ghaleon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 11:44:00
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    Where I've been.
    Mostly here, but since my dad's compy is dying (literally and figuratively: the modem's disconnect time is winding down from 1 hour before a disconnect to about 45 minutes), I've been constrained mostly to offline tasks. I've been doing a lot of Medieval History reading and stuff, and posting in my LJ ("padraiceen") when I can. Ryan and I also got a PS2, so I've been playing a hell of a lot of FFX-2, which is nice, because I won't have any gaming consoles when I'm over in Ireland until May.

    I'm sorry for my relative absence, but it's incredibly frustrating to write entries and have the compy disconnect before I can post. My new compy is supposed to be here this week, though, so that's a good thing. Once I get that, I'll be able to resume a lot of my duties.

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2003-12-31 05:29 (link)
'Ello. Please post something between the end of this week and 16 January if you can, so I can let you know what time I'll be arriving at the airport!

I have decided to wear PINK!!! so that you will be able to recognise me easily, apart from the big glasses and the inevitable huge grin, of course. You'll be looking for a cyclamen pink fleece jacket and matching furry hat. I should wear sunglasses if I were you. :-D

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