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Get Past It (getpastit) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 18:29:00
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    Current mood: determined

    To Do List
    To learn more (and post information) about:
    - Buddhism
    - Paganism
    - Satanism
    - Wicca
    - Angels

    - Go to church
    - Meditate or at least go to the beach to watch the sunset and peacefully listen to the waves

    I haven't gone to church for years. I was brought up on the Anglican (Church of England) version of Christianity. I never really got into the whole God stuff. It was never my thing. But I do like the community aspect of going to church. I like listening to the service. Not always what the Father is saying, but the ceremonial way everything is done.

    I would like to attend a Buddhist gathering, but Christianity is the only religion in my area. Living in a small country town does not make religious growth easily when all you have is Christianity shoved down your throat. Hence my wanting to go to the beach. There's something very calming about sitting on the cool sand while the sun is setting, watching the waves lap along the shore, seeing the birds flap about looking for scraps of food, feeling the refreshing ocean breeze over me. I must do that soon.

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