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A sack of injury (geronimos_disco) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 02:29:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:gas panic, oasis

    why is it only 2:30am?
    ah shit. lets do this right.

    i've been on liveurinal for around 2 years, but i don't feel like giving out my username. if you know me from there, whatevah it be coo, main. i just feel like having another site to start out on again because it was kind of fun when i had no friends and only got one comment a week and had 0 livejournal polygamy mates and had to whore myself out and beg people to add me and all that crap. my username comes from a peter gabriel song called san jacinto. listen to it. its good.

    so first off, i am not a fucking goth. i'm not anything really. i'm not anti lable either, i'm just don't fit into any sub culture and i'm fine with that. i do enjoy deathrock clubs the most though because deathrockers and the most true to what their scenes stood for in the beggining and i like the style and music and the general vibe.

    i don't consider myself a girl OR a boy, but i regrettably have a girl's body. er.. that's that. i'm also asexual, meaning i am not sexually attracted to ANYONE. although i do enjoy looking at people as eyecandy.

    i'm an industrial musician (read- wanna-be blixa bargeld) in the mostly inactive ash factroy. we're having trouble getting the equipment w eneed and my bandmate had an unfortunate car accident and his truk got totalled so we don't have any way of hitting the junk yards and hauling scrap metal.

    i am obsessive. obsessive, deadpan and moribund. the obvious targets of my obsession is one mr. nicholas edward cave and his chubby german cohort, mr. blixa bargeld. i strive to be these people. or at least crazy like klaus kinski. i enjoy all things relating to these people with the exception of the softcore porn that uncle kinski partook in.

    me being euchrid eucrow. if you don't know who that is, you can go root the ground.


    me and my best friend, audrey.

    my darling baby who is settling in so he can be outlined in red by my tattoo artist friend.

    yes, i do usually look rather angry in pictures. this does not mean i'm one of those little shitbags who thinks its cool to be depessed. i just look good when i'm pissed. i also look good when i'm pissed.

    i enjoy cutting my hair in ways that would make old ladies blush. listening to the same song over and over again untill it becomes the most annoyig thing i have ever heard. dressing like nick cave. dressing like a man in general. my oarnge gator skin boots. eating the charred flesh of the cow-beast. flannery o'connor and dylan thomas.

    everyone ought to listen to the god machine.

    i'm going to canada on saturday on the greyhound. it will take about 30 hours. i have a stop in LA and seattle so if you see me walking the streets in orange boots, dragging a large suitcase behind me, be sure to beat me up. i'm going t visit my darling friends audrey, jan and sonya. jan being the only one who actually lives in canada.

    i also have tickets to see einsteurzende neubauten in LA in may. needless to say, i am thrilled.

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