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Gemma (gemini87) wrote,
@ 2004-03-06 18:15:00
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    Current mood: good

    Why is it that the stupidest of things make me happy? Today I went to my induction/training day at Paultons. I was so happy to see all those people who I worked with in retail again. None of them are what you would call close friends but what I like about them is the fact they don't really know me. Yes, they know my personality well or whatever, but not all the shit about me and heroin for example. It's nice knowing that no matter how much crap I get during the week, I'll have all these people at the weekend who dont know anything. When we all got there in the morning we all had a massive group hug cos we were all so glad to be back there. Odd as it may sound, Paultons is great. Well, in my opinion anyway. As usual, we had the walk around the park to see the new rides and all that - god those new tower rides are tiny, but I love the penquins :P Amazing creatures....When we were going round the park as a group I was getting really really excited, I just really love working there lol. Only a week to go!

    Then we had like a 3 hour presentation on all the health and safety stuff. Turns out, our uniform slightly changed - red or yellow shirts instead of just yellow ones - and new sexy badges :P Don't be jealous now. In this talk thing they kept going on about people being scruffy or whatever and everytime they kept looking and sometimes mentioning me. Gah, I'm not that bad am i? I was really happy to see Ashley again, he's so...I dunno. We used to sit outside the front gates smoking pot and no-one ever noticed. Nice. My head's still spinning from all the infomation they gave us, and new for this year, they gave us a blue booklet which we have to "learn." Well actually, they gave us the booklet when we went to our interviews but never mind. I love Paultons.........Rah!

    Paultons - Lookie here! :)

    Apart from being somewhat happy from my Paultons visit, I'm okay. Realllly tired but yeah. I've recovered from my relapse the other night pretty well and all I need is some sleep. Goddamn.

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