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Gemma (gemini87) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 18:09:00
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    Current mood: blah

    It's so boring being straight. I mean that in the clean, dull sort of way. I'm jus so tired of most things. I wantttt excitement. Okay, I just got back from New York but I'm already sick of it back here. College - easy, work - even easier, homelife - my dads weird but yeah it's cool. I need something to dooooo. I feel stuck in a life rut thing again and I hate it. Help mehhhh. God, this ain't realllly a reason to be sadddd but I am. I have sucky reasons to be sad nowadays. I have all this random shit going on every day yet I'm still.....empty. Hard feeling to describe really. I probably just made no sense what-so-ever but who carreeees.

    I spent my day with Justin at Paultons making those sand model things. You know, you get a mould and fill it with different colours to make it look pweety. Mine wereeee. I was very proud and some random lil girl said she liked mine. I was happy. But yet still bored. We had three customers all freaking day. Wooooo. I'm utterly useless at Hangman (the game) too. Wowza, I was also amazed today, because Justin told me his sister killed herself last December (as in 4 months ago) by jumping off Beachey Head in Eastbourne. (Weirdly enough that I scattered David's ashes there.) He still wears her ring on a chain round his neck, ah I thought that was sweet. :)

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