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*Gemsta* (gem_5) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 20:11:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:mark bloody owen!!! -- thanx to stacey peapod!

    ya ya!

    well, i kinda haven't done this for agiiiss.. i promise i will try and do one everyday! --> need to get linz to show me how to make the writing smaller!! :-P anyways... lately.. not heard from fred.. *ooppss* i ****ed that up didn't i.. :-(
    oh well.. lol, busy week this week im bloody knackered -- and i have got a bug!! :-( feel very dizzy and very sick cant eat any food... otherwise.. it comes back to visit.
    anyway enough about sick.. lol

    tuesday: WOW!!.. wot a day, lol.. i didn't feel well at all when i got up but went out anyway.. went bowling with all my cousins.. 2 games.. i came 3rd in the first game and 2nd in the second game.. i love bowling.
    then we went to see bruce almightly.. lol.. not as good as its made out to be, but still t'was a larf!!.. it's good.. it's goooooooooooooooooooood. --> he he went to the lord ted for ones tea.. woz alright.. but i think thats wot made me ill. lol
    wednesday: woke up felt like shit!!.. but still went out we went to american adventure -- lol, t'was cool. i went on absolutely everything.. apart from the one u had to pay extra for and the other one woz just bloody stupid. lol like a bungie type thing.. :-S no thank u.
    then i had a very early night becoz i did feel terrible.. :-( ---> i dont feel too bad at the mo tho :-)

    BOUNCIE CASTLE on sunday -- WOW. lol, should be a larf!
    GIG - on wednesday.. that should be good. anyway.. lol
    gem xxx

    loving -- fred
    eating -- nothing.. but cant eat at the mo :-(
    drinking -- water
    needing -- FOOD!!!!!
    wanting -- a good night out -- get drunk
    thinking -- *hhuummmm... i can't abide *coughs* anymore.

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