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Mithrandir (gandalf_thegrey) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 22:27:00
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    While reading the Rivendell Reporter on a fine Sunday evening
    Aragorn has been painting! And what lovely paintings, too. I hope one of the premier Rivendell galleries picks him up soon, as the art world clearly needs to be introduced to his talent.

    I have lost much hope in the search for the Silmaril and Narya. Glorfindel is an excellent manager of security; however, it is clear that he is overworked and understaffed. Rivendell gapes at the seams like a pipe springing water leaks in all directions. I can only hope that no armies invade, as Galadriel is off on a journey to Lorien, and Elrond has been quite retiring of late. *glances at empty finger* I fear it may come to a seeking through the Palantir. The thought of using one of those things weighs heavy on my mind, and yet. The Silmaril is too precious to lose like this.

    It seems Eomer has moved on to greater things. *faint smile* He was a nice boy. I do hope his head heals properly.

    And Roger has arrived in Rivendell! May wonders never cease. And may my old paramours stop popping up at inconvenient moments. It's over between us, I want that understood. No offense, of course, dear Roger. You understand, don't you? It's not good to reopen old wounds. *looks worried* I mean no offense, of course. It's only that things got rather complicated, and all. I would have a lot to explain to certain people if things were to come out. You know. Perhaps we might stage a mock battle or two, for old times' sake and appearances?

    *smokes pipe*

    *embers fall onto Rivendell Reporter, which catches flame with a whooosh*

    *ashes flutter slowly to the ground*

    Well. I'd best be .... pestering checking on the status of the investigation.

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2003-04-28 02:32 (link)
*sends you a text message*

Gandalf --

Enroute to Gondor. You should come.


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2003-04-28 23:30 (link)

I have no clean underwear. I must do laundry first.

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Next message
2003-04-28 23:39 (link)
Gandalf --

What do you think of Mordor?


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Re: Next message
2003-04-29 00:10 (link)
As a potential potato farm? *snorts* I do not recommend it. The soil is atrocious. The only thing you can grow there is tea. and certain hallucinatory plants.

*scratches head* How else do you mean? My brain has gone all to fuzz. Not that I'm getting old! O_O

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Re: Next message
2003-04-29 00:14 (link)

Tea and hallucinatory plants you say?


Actually, I was wondering about the state of it's entertainment industry

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Re: Next message
2003-04-29 15:55 (link)
It has one?


What, dancing Orcs? No. Surely not. *shudders*

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Re: Next message
2003-04-30 01:01 (link)
*nearly snorts his tea*

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2003-04-28 22:12 (link)
I can understand that there are things you would rather not have widely known. I'm sure we can work something out. *smiles ferally*

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2003-04-28 23:29 (link)

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