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drunk girl.. (gabbylicious) wrote,
@ 2005-05-17 19:07:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Something Corporate of course...

    do you even remember?
    so um.. falling even deeper for him.. and i thought i was over him. lovely isn't it? the second you think you're over the guy that you've liked for the past like 8 months you realize that you were never over him. ugh. and i'm sorry but i don't like when people are wicked touchy with me when they like don't know me. it pisses me off. and when i'm upset it kind of makes it all worse. not that you guys did anything. i'm just in a bitchy mood. feeling sickly of course. have no idea who got me sick though. my throat feels like it's like on fire. and i'm exhausted to the point where i fall asleep without even realizing it. = /


    ps- what do you guys think about the new layout?

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2005-05-17 21:56 (link)
Oo I like the layout, cool polka-dots.

if you were talking to us about the drama room thing, I'm sorry if I invaded your space. Idk if you were talking about Ian, meh... yea. But that's just my natural instinct, to touch people to comfort them. I'll try not to, though. As for being sick, gahh I am, too. my throat hurts.. ::kills:: person who gave it to us::

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2005-05-17 22:05 (link)
with you i didn't care because i was like ooo erica and wendy, they know how to make me feel better. but with ian it was just awkward. i don't know why but with him it just made me feel worse. and it was just weird because i'm a touchy person, you know? i don't know why i felt so like awkward with him hugging me but i don't know. and you weren't invaded my space. sorry if i came off as wicked bitchy about it. you did make me feel a little better earlier.


and yes we need to go all RAD on whoever got us sick..

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2005-05-18 14:21 (link)
Mmk, you didn't sound like a bitch! I like feel the same way with Ian. Like, he's cool , nice, and whatever, but.. I can't explain it. it feels like he wants to be our best friends too fast or something?

And Bruce(he's sick, too) thinks Hugh got us sick, because of the Vitamin water! Everyone drinks it!!

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girl, you got me
2005-05-18 18:23 (link)
ohh gabby!

we love you. (but i love you more than erica does) anyways, i'm sorry if we were all like too close in your face and whatever, it's just that you looked lonely and looked like you needed a hug. again, tres sorry.

i agree with erica on her guess about the vitamin water's what happens when you guys share a communal drinking source

love the could i not? polka dots. perfect. (woah like alliteration)

hope you feel better. and we'll try to work on the ian problem. it's just that gay guys are like extremely touchy feely.
<3 wendy. your favorite asian. you all know it.

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Re: girl, you got me
2005-05-18 19:18 (link)
i know, gay guys are touchy... he's just too touchy.. he's like touchier than me.. is that possible?

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