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Chrissy (fynestbabii_x0) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 18:14:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:This Is Who I Am

    hey..dai 2 of mah mom n sis not bein herre..but i hadd funn wit da rest of da famili..ta dai mee n mah dad n mah otha sis Caroline went ta mah mom*S cuzin Suzie*S hous real quick..n den we went ta da mall..n den we went ta Target..n den we went ta Burlington Coat Factory ware i got a winter jacket ((which i desperateli needed))*S a pink Baby Phat jacket dat has fox fur on da edge of da collar n on da edge of da sleeve**S so cute..hehe..i*Ma ware it ta morrow..n it was onli $100!!!!!! which is like definateli hott as hell since da original price it would b if yew bought it from Baby Phat it would of been $ i saved $75..wha a bargain!! i*M happi..i think i*Ma straighten mah hair ta morrow..i dono yett tho..n i think i*Ma wear mah black Baby Phat long-sleeved shirt n mah dark blue jean*S..n i gotta talk ta Martin cuz suposibli he fucked up real badd..damn..n we thought central kidd*S were playa*S n shit...m dem i hav gym..everi wun on mah b-ball team in gym noe*S wha dat mean* mean*S..beat da shit outta John...woohoo!!! lol..can*T wait..well i*M out fa now..x o x o Chrissy..iLu*

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