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Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae (furtive) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 14:44:00
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2003-06-24 23:41 (link)
You honor me with the comparison to Pascal.

Thank you. I hope I can sooth - my soul is I am afraid lost at this moment. As for the blurty icon thingie - that's just a face and some body parts - not my soul - my soul is where I bleed.

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2003-07-11 08:28 (link)
Unless you object, I've added you to my friends list so that I may have easier access to your blurty. So as to avoid any sense of awkwardness, I'm really not looking for reciprocity here. I think that you make some personal and protected entries, and it may be best that I don't see those, since it can become a source of resentment should things take a negative turn, which can easily happen at the provocative and sometimes heated Debate Forum. Your public entries are great enough for me. One more thing, if you ever have occasion to leave a word at my journal, you won't have to deal with my non-friends screen.

Take it easy,

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2003-07-11 18:54 (link)
Of course I will add you! My protected entries are usually private - notes to myself really. I am afraid I don't really have the heart for debate now - even if I did - disagreements or differences of opinions is something I have with several good friends.

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2003-07-11 19:57 (link)
I was kind of hoping you would. I think I know what you mean about not being up for debates. Debate is another name for argument, and one has to be up to being challenged, countered, and even having one's genealogy questioned at times. Sometimes, one isn't up for such petty trifling. Lawyers and politicians are the hardest nuts around.

I wish you well in your renewed struggle for meaning and significance. Try to make poetry and music out of the pain. I thinik that's what all the great artists and writers did. It's what I try to do.


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