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Alyssa (furduck) wrote,
@ 2003-02-02 21:13:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:none

    don't worry, be happy ;D
    hmmm. well, doy picked me up and we went to the olive garden in deptford. they have good salad, and lasanga, too. afterwards, we went to ulta because i had to take back perfume that my mom got me for christmas that i already have. it was $42 and i accidently spent $25 extra. oops. it felt like we were in there for a day and a half. probably over an hour though. after that, we went to barnes and noble because doy wanted coffee and i have no good books to read. *tear* it's heartbreaking, i know. i got 3 books, although i could've bought about 9 because... well, yeah. enough about that. came back to doy's to see my sadie baby. since then, i've been online, talking to mikey of course. i fought with dave, too, and told him that i can't go out with him anymore. blah. i gotta go home soon because doy's gonna watch kingpin, and that comes on at 10:00 and i wanna go home before then. tomorrow starts the 3rd marking period. yay? i have to take gym. well, i don't really have to because i could probably get a note from my surgeon to get out of it, but oh well. it could be fun. that is, watching me run from the ball and miss every swing in softball. ha. sports = no. journalism will finally be over and we're starting creative writing. hopefully i'll get some work done in class, but it's hard with sexy mikeypooh (yes, that's right, mikeypooh) being there. ;D teheh. mr. cav's last day was on friday, which means i'm getting a new geometry teacher. i've never talked to her but i've seen her and so far this is what i think: fat bitch. she looks mean. i'm gonna do horrible, i know it. at least mr. cav didn't like to see anyone with a bad grade so he would always push it up like 20 points. that was awesomeness. all teachers should do that. right now in his class (without him pushing up my grade) i probably have about a 4%. i'm not even kidding. i'm so math retarded, it's not even funny. okay, it is. but ya know. i'm out. lata. ;)

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2003-02-02 21:30 (link)
I like.

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You're A Nutty One! ;o)
2003-02-02 22:21 (link)
Here are your comments you crazy girl. You sure sounded perky in your entries but I'm glad you're perky vs. sad. Anyways, your new teacher is a "fat bitch"?! You're so sweet. Have you ever even talked to her? LOL! Watch her turn out to be really nice, I'll laugh. ;o) Hmmm...what else to say? Ummm...I also *SUCK* an I mean SUCK! at Math. It's impossible for you to be worse at it then me. The teacher starts explaining something new and boom! 2 seconds later I'm out to sea...just have NO clue what he's talking about. It's bad, VERY bad! ;o( Well, dunno what else to say, but hope ya have a good week and I'll talk to ya on-line. * Erin * (Your favoritest...haha! person!) Riiiigggghhhhttt! ;o))))

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