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k3l (funkyxpenguinss) wrote,
@ 2004-06-12 22:00:00
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    wasssssssssssssss up lads.
    hmm sorry for no updates for long periods of time..but 2 days isnt that long. lots of studying for finals, family get-to-gethers.parties, other partiesss etc. i've been pretty much BUSY.

    school? nothing new. LAST FULL DAY OF CLASSES THURSDAY. everyone is like done with school and of course, we still have it. gayyyyyyy teachers. they still give pit homework and shizz. give us enough stress about finals and review packets and with all the tests you give us everyday, do you really think we need homework on top of it?

    went to courts house on fridayyyy..then we went to the mall at like 8:30? i dont remember..but i saw some really cool stuff in pacific sunwear. im gonna make my motherrrrr come with me so she can buy me el stufffff..then we went to claires and uhm i got soem stuff that other people might think is really wierd. but like when i started wearing bows in my hair, people thought it made me look "cute" and like it looked like i was "little" or something like they didnt like it..but then like a week later other people come in with it on..

    duddeeeeeee...i was talking with my cousin today and i was alll confused cause she was talkin lyk dis. n lyk da lettaz "u" "k" "iz" "da" "y" n "laytazzz" so yeah she was talking like that and it was annoying.

    so i asked my mom again for a louis vuitton for my birthday...and she said i was crazyy...and to think about all the kids in the other countries without any money and then she said there was me with my nme brand bags. and i was wondering why she was saying that the whole time. it wasnt like i asked her, mom can you get me a louis cause i want it to match my outfit for school tomorrow. i know somepeople can do that and their parents would get it for them. but then after she said no about 327051 times, i asked for a fake parada bag..and of course she said yes. cause the fake ones look like the real ones so it doesnt matter.

    im tired.

    i have to go to church tomorrowwww at 9 in deeee morning..thats bull.

    im out dudeeeee

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2004-06-13 14:59 (link)
waddddupp rebecca.

adam brody looks like plasticc there.

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