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shrek (fukthegov2340) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 22:05:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music: Good Charlotte

    i hate tieg
    i hate tieg. hes a fucking loser and he can kiss my ass! GO TO HELL TIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why might you ask? well he conciderz my and my friend ariel his last resort as friends! WHY MUST HE BE SUCH A FAG!!!!! i dont get it? why are ppl so nice to you one day then they become your total enemies the next day. god it just makes me to fucking mad. o and my new word is ficken! yes fIcken. not fuckin.... fickin or fiking or fikin but yes fickin with an I!!!! sory that was random.. o and i do fuckin smoke charlie so get ur fat ass over it and deal with it! you no , NEVEr and i mean NEVER fully trust someone. they wil go and stab u right int he back to protect themselves! GOD I WISH I HAD NEVER BEEN FRIENDS WITH SO MANY PPL! i wish i could go back to November 25, 2003 and do everything over! but sadly, you cant go back in time and od anything over. god why cant someone biuld a fiken time machine? ::sigh:: o well until then there is always a new day.... wait thats gay.... NVM!!!

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