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Ida (fukinvodka) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 09:46:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Some shit on the Bear

    Man friday was so shitty at first, I didn't go to school and no one could fucking hang out but Friday was fun as hell after! I hung out with Ryan and there so we hung out there untill around 2:30am fucking around & fighting with Ryan over a bottle cap hahaha. After we went searching for a vodka store but none were open of corse because it was too late so instead we then went down to Whyte Ave, went to a 24/7 porn store and went to the 711 where this stupid queer fucker was that had fucking cigarettes in his ears for earings it was fucked up. After that we went down town by Jasper Ave. and checked out this rave it was fucking kool. After I think we just came back to my place at around 5am and fell kind of sucked though because my bed is really small so I only got to sleep for two hours....but it also fucking rocked because I got to sleep beside Ryan, listen to him breathing, rub up against him and listen to his heart beat that was fucking great. Jessica left at around 11am because she had swimming. Ryan left at 12:15pm because his mom called him and asked if he could drive his little brother to his queer ass quitar lessons because she had to go out or some shit like that. Yeah and that was my Friday night/Saturday morning....hehehe I bet you can't fucking wait to hear what I did the rest of Saturday! :D

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