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Danielle Raabe (fudani) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 21:38:00
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    Okay it came to my conculed that people havent been update. guys come on please update. i dont care it to the group page or in your journal. i dont want this group to die. and like i said you guys have any promble with the lord of the ring stuff. dont be a chicken shit and tell me. but other then i will check tomorrow for everyone who has update and who hasnt update and i will make a list. if you havent update for a long time i will email you or leave a comment under dani sn. and you will have 3 weeks to update. or then that i dont know what wll happen.

    there only ceartion people update now. and just becuase there lord of the ring people doesnt mean shit. you can have your people to date them. unless they are married or enaged. and let i said so many times. dont like what going on. then leave. im not stop you. i just want this group to die. i already had one group die and im make sure this one wont die either.

    the owner

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