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Danielle Raabe (fudani) wrote,
@ 2003-01-16 02:29:00
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    Current mood: hot

    Full name: Danielle Raabe
    Nicknames: dani or D
    Sign: um you look it up im born in july 21
    Height: about 6 feet
    Shoe size: um 9
    Hair: blondie
    Sex: female
    Where you were born: Cailforina
    Where you live now: Orlando
    Siblings names/age: none

    - - - - - favs - - - - -

    Fav Animal:dog
    Fav Sport: hockey
    Fav Color:purple and silver
    Fav Songs: too many
    Fav Album: um too many
    Fav Movie: Lord of the ring set
    Fav Store: Noderstrom
    Fav Feeling: happy and flirting

    - - - - - sig. other - - - - -

    Personality or Looks on the opposite sex? personality

    Personality you like in A Girl/Guy? caring. funny and love

    Your Idea Of the Perfect guy/girl? my huaband Chris kirkpatrick

    Would You Ask Someone Out? yes

    The first thing you notice about someone? eyes

    Your fetishes? um dont know

    - - - - - other stuff - - - - -

    When was the last time you cried? when my cousin lost her baby

    What do you want to be when you grow up? um im all grow up already

    Do you sleep with stuffed animals? um would chris be count as one

    Do you want kids? have one. and think of another one

    Do you have any pets? a pug name Korea

    Do you like someone right now? yes

    Do they know? yep

    Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? im married.

    Would someone die for you? yes

    Would you die for someone? Yes

    Your Bad habits? um too many to name

    - - - - - in the last 24 hours have you - - - - -

    Had a serious talk? yes to Chris about another child

    Hugged someone? yes

    Got along with your parents? my parents are dead. they die when i was 2

    Had a fight with a friend? yes

    Been scared? hell yeah

    Hurt physically? yep

    Hurt emotionally?yep

    Been shopping? um shopping is a girlfriend bestfriend

    Kissed someone?yes

    - - - - in the last month have you - - - - - -

    Drank alcohol? yes
    Smoked? yes
    Done Drugs? yes
    Been in love?yes
    Had someone love you? yes
    Felt Guilty?yes
    Cried? yes

    - - - - - more stuff - - - - -

    Whats your fav. word to say? go to hell
    Whats your fav. Saying? um whatever
    What are you doing right now? this thing thanks to brintey
    What are you listening to right now? the radio
    What are you wearing? um my pjs
    - - - - - which - - - - -

    Hot or cold? hot
    Blue or red? red
    rain or snow? snow
    Give or receive? both
    Wool or cotton? cotton
    Rose or daisy? Roses
    Chocolate milk or plain milk? Chocolate
    Now or Then? Now
    Cursive or print? Curisve
    Paranoid or cautious? cautious
    Jammies or naked? Naked

    - - - - - have you ever - - - - -

    Gone skinny dipping?yes
    Gone sky diving? no i want. ORLANDO TAKE ME
    Committed a crime? no
    Been in the hospital over night? yes
    Experienced love at first sight? yes
    Set anything on fire? no
    Broken a bone? no
    - - - - random - - - - -

    Do you talk in your sleep? sometime
    Sleep walk? yep
    Dance in front of the mirror? yes
    Whats the weirdest food you've ever tried? Chris cooking
    What time is it? 2:23
    Who's the best singer out of all of your friends? um Britney
    Who's your hottest friend? um Orlando
    Do you follow your parents’ rules? Rules? im almost 30 abd ntw my paretns are dead
    Ever spread a rumor that you knew wasn't true? nope.
    Would you go on a blind date? um Orlando. no im kidding. um no one
    Do you like fish? no
    Ever eaten dirt? yes
    Ever lick carpet? um no
    Who do you tell your dreams to? Chris and Danielle
    Who's your crush? My huband
    How long have you liked that person? since 94
    Do you ever do spur-of-the-moment stupid things?Um yeah
    Have you bought something from Victoria's Secret (Muggle lingerie store)? Um would it cont if i almost had sex in that store then buy something?
    Been ditched? yes
    Played truth or dare and ended up doing something really dumb? yes

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