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Darkie (dark_love) wrote in fuckup,
@ 2003-03-29 22:20:00
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    Yup. Well, today was interesting. Spent the day at the F.A.R.T.S. (fine arts) festival and then went to Ambers, xshyxevilxgirlx's house and practice. Mostly just goofed off. zuke was there and so was xbornxactress, Ashlee, who told me she's actualyl going to use her journal now. insaneskitzo, Adrian, is at work. he's not going to be home until two am ish or something. I dunno. Got depressed. Then happy. The depressed then happy. I feel like a fucking doll. low battery charged battery low bat... ugh or like the weather
    20 60 40 80 it's insane.
    I wish Adrian wasn'tw orking. I need someone to talk to. And yet agian, I'm left all alone to write in my journal. Irnoic how someone online can be your best friend sometimes.
    I can't help but feel pathetic and mistaken. I don't know. I guess II'm sick of it all.

    I'm sick of being everyone's bitch. I'm sick of being a convient friend that is around when times get hard or you need help. I'm sick of my body. it's disgusting. I'm sick of being stupid. I'm sick of being used. I'm sick of life. I'm sick of everything. I'm sick of working. I'm sick of cleaning. I'm sick of me. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of everyone. I'm sick of being helpless, hopless and worthless. I'm sick of being a disappoitment. I'm sick of it.
    But most of all I'm sick of me.

    But I guess that's the way it should be.


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2003-08-12 09:26 (link)
Actually, it is normal for people our age to a certain point...

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