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helz & rkmno's jude law (fuckufuze) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 21:09:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:champagne high - sister hazel

    so good news...well i dont know but me and aaron are going to hook up sometime soon, so that will be fun. anyways i heard (from my sister) that rachel, erin, micaela, lauren, lexi, and im guessing other people too all wore mini skirts the first day. my sister made a very good point , " that could not be a coincidence , right? " i agreed. and i know this is going to be short because honestly nothing really has happened. its kinda like my day.... wake up (wish i was sleeping) go to school, go to soccer (not play in games), eat, sleep ... REPEAT

    i hate school, i mean i like chaska but i hate going to school it sucks

    aaron is going to ask you what happened with u and pat behind esse...i told him you guys fucked when i liked pat and now im pissed at you, but then i dont know if he thought i was serious or not...? VERY troubling times over here.

    so i know that was really short but fuck it i wrote in this and now its ur turn so you better. you also need to get me a pack of shafted mints please, that would be very neat. and youre coming home this weekend because i told you so. that is neat good bye

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