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Emoly (fuck_romance23) wrote,
@ 2004-07-18 19:44:00
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    just got back from the movies with Kristina, Natasha, and Kay to see Spiderman 2, which really fucking sucked.. We saw Peter and Robert, who sat in front of us. James`s little gay birthday party was there.. Elliot, Brenden, Kevin and some other guy. James and Brenden didn`t know it was me at first when I was sitting on the old chair thingy and when they passed by they looked at me and saw my face and said "Oh Shit!!!!" Ha. Fuck them. they`re fucking gay. Steph just called me. God I hate her. SHe was crying about how she told Elliot that she loved him and that she doesnt want what happened with Brandon to happen with Elliot. But when I was talking to her, she said Andy. Not Brandon. Andy lives in Key West. Supposedly. And supposedly Brandon dyed in a drive by. She`s full of fucking bullshit. BULLSHIT. None of that shit happened. She never got raped. She never broke both of her legs or went to juvi. She`s a fucking liar and just wants fucking attention. And she gets it. She fucking gets it. People feel bad for her and she has so many friends because of fucking sympathy. I mean come on, the first time she ever came over to my house [we had met like two weeks before] she fucking told me that she got raped. BUH BUH BULLSHIT. I`m actually kinda glad she screwed up our friendship by telling Andre what I did with Trevor because now I realized how full of SHIT she is. Heh, now I don`t even care if she lies to me. I`ll never beleive anytihng she ever says again. If I hadn`t found out that she told Andre, I would be best friends with her now. Caring about every single fucking lie she fed to me. I would be like "stephanie omg don`t worry elliot loves you!!!", lying to her. When she called I was just like Oh I`m sorry.. haha I didn`t even try to pretend that I cared. Aww.. I haven`t talked to Trevor for two weeks. Two weeks, today. Two weeks ago I sucked his dick. Laid down with him on my bed and talked about life. Two weeks ago he fingered me and told me I was beautiful. Haha what a great combination. I really like him. It fucking sucks. I can`t have any emotion when he calls Chrissy when I`m around. I`m not allowed to feel anything for him. Why? Because he fucking used me and I`m probably not going to fucking hang out with him for a really long fucking time. He fucking used me. I`m so useable. God, what if I had fucked him? Given it up for Trevor. I love Trevor. Trevor Trevor Trevor.

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