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Password: are my canvas. (fshionfightpaus) wrote,
@ 2003-10-22 14:13:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:nothing

    nice day..
    i swear someone wants me to kill myself bc nothing works.

    today was good. i just typed up like a whole bunch of stuff about my day but my computer hates me and erased it all. today i actually talked to rach and andrea before school which i usually dont get to do bc im usually there like only 5 minutes before the bell so i just go straight to art. i had my bad classes today but it was okay. and i got a 4.0 yay.. i havent had that since like 5th grade seriously and i could probably bring it up to like a 4.2 w/the honors classes and stuff by next time. this girl tracy at lunch dyed her hair and i love it so much. its how i want mine.. i need to tan today, pick up my paycheck, do my page w/kath and maybe hang out w/her too, call gordy sometime. im in a good mood. im probably gonna start doing this volunteer stuff that my english teacher and some kids in my class do. like i dont have to do it but id like to bc it would make me feel more grateful and be nice and stuff. well i guess im gonna go now. byebye.

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