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Frosh Krovvy (frosh) wrote,
@ 2003-06-13 13:27:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:Airoes

    Today i was supposed to show up for my telemarketing training, but i slept in. That's okay because the guy who trains us thought i had to work at my other job today. I met some transplant from new orleans. He stopped me because i was wearing my batterd chucks and an op ivy shirt. He asked me about shows in the area, and i told him he lives in the wrong place. He started dropping names of super-shitty second rate straightedge punk and hardcore bands. I laughed and told him to stay away from those kids. He asked why and i said because they will stalk you, or you'll fall in love with one and have your heart broken ( my ex is in one of the bands he called off). I have been stalked by one of the assholes in the first punk sXe band. Blah. The singer sounds exactly like jello Biafra, and when you point it out to him, he freaks out on you. PLus the guys in that band cannot mosh for anything. They want to hurt everyone, not have fun. On top of everything, the dillweeds are really miliant, annoying sXe. I swear. They are like the religious right of altlifestyles. Their god is Ian mckaye. I am sXe, but i am not an ass about it. Anyway, i told the guy to stay away from those kids at all costs. He obviously isn't straightedge ( he was chain smoking marlboro reds), and the kids in the bands would definitely punish him in the pits if he were to get near them.

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