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ashley (frootnutt) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 17:11:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:AFI - Whatever I Do

    what is the truth? is what i am speaking the truth? i see the world crumbling into a fake fast of endlessness. The world is filled of selfish pride, and for this all we do is want more and more. The wanting could led to even simple things you would never catch... i want to be different, it is just the same as i want to fit in. In your mind, you think you are rebeling, and being something everyone else is not. The truth is, logically... you are the same as everyone. And for this, none of us will ever be our on self, intil we speak out for ourselves. and just do... instead of thinking about doing it. its time, for us to seperate into our own self. I know myself, i try to be different. but i realized from watching slc punk.. i wasn't any different, even just buy getting a mohawk, or wearing a turtle neck... wouldn't make me different. i would just have to wear what i like without thinking bout it, i would do my makeup witthout thinking what people woud think. it will be massively hard to be myself, i am so use to how the world persives different. but maybe my difference will awaking these boring land of ... plain.

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