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frances (froo) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 20:01:00
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    Current music:Dead Can Dance - Emmelia

    i'm currently itching to make this piece i had the inspiration for today. drawn some sketches and it's beginning to look like one of those random things i shove together in a weekend. i need to go to a nice fabric shop to pick up the fabric i need. quilted blues and peaches, lots of wadding, lots of beading, fabric paints.
    i love it when the picture is so clear.

    i love this photo too, taken ages ago outside the village church, posted it back then, but it still gives me a bit of a 'moment' when i see it. dear lord i'm a sad case.

    sat in front of me is a russian doll my grandmother gave me when i was much smaller, it has 10 dolls, the smallest one being around 2 cm tall. when i was smaller i used to think the dolls all had parties when we were out the house. resulting in me, for about a week, running up the stairs as soon as i came home in order to catch their revelries.
    apparently you can get politician ones in moscow now. lenin's on the outside, with stalin, roosevelt, kennedy, churchill and various others inside. russian dolls are horrednouly tacky, but then who really cares, they're people within people, they're allowed to dress like circus freaks.

    hehe, please, someone make teen cliché russia dolls. we can have an emo on, a teenybopper one, a scallie one, a goff one, and so on. so i can be even more of a hypocraite than usual.

    i'm getting increasingly odd now. i think it's a sign that bed is the answer.

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