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Chris (fromgreentored) wrote,
@ 2012-08-09 15:00:00
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    I had a dream last night about the apocalypse. Or Rapture. Or whatever it was.

    I was in an apartment building with my mom probably on the 4th floor or so. All around the whole room were windows, almost no walls. So we could see the city outside. The skies were dark like it was about to storm. All of a sudden, a large clock tower or something that was far off in the distance in the middle of the city started getting struck by lightning. Over and over again. Probably about 10-15 times really fast. Once it stopped you could see explosions going off in a straight line heading right towards the building we were in. I noticed it was coming right for us and told my mom to duck and take cover. The explosions hit us and the whole building started shaking. Then it started raining. Pouring. Almost instantly there was so much water around it looked like a tsunami had hit. Then the building we were in started sinking into its foundation. Very slowly it kept sinking. When it finally sunk low enough that the floor we were on was at ground level, I told everyone we were with to run outside. As soon as we got outside the building behind us completely sunk and waves started crashing everywhere. Everyone except me got washed away. I had managed to grab onto a railing of a large cargo boat that was half sunken near by. I climbed up the boat and started running to the other side so get to some higher grounds. There was framework of destroyed buildings near by that I was trying to jump on to. Even though it was just a dream, I remember how scared I felt as I ran for my life, knowing that everyone I was just with are all dead. The water was rising and was literally right on my heels as I ran up the steel. Then I got to a road that the steel beams had happened to fall to. There was a yellow bus there with all the lights on. I ran over to it and got on without any questions. When I got on I saw everyone there. Everyone I was just with who I thought had been gone. But they all looked different. Their eyes were dark and shaded. What had happened was that they all made a pact with a demon to be saved that night. And apparently I had done the same.

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