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JC "Kitten" Chasez (freakme_josh) wrote,
@ 2003-05-06 02:00:00
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    Current mood:restless

    I'm becoming a recluse. Is that a bad thing? Doubtful.

    Well, except for attending the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. Don't ask me why I went. But I will admit it was nice to get out of LA. Even if every fucking person there had to make note that only four of the five of us were there. *rubs the back of my neck*

    Anyway...I might as well enjoy the time to myself now because I certainly won't have much of it soon.

    Schizophrenic should be completely done within the next few weeks and with its finish will come photoshoots, promo appearances and the like. Wango Tango is coming up next weekend. Zootopia in June. CFTC in July. Maybe a small club tour after that. Busy busy busy.

    Been seriously thinking about relocating as well. Yes Mandy, I know I said I'd stay in LA just for you and Chrissy, but it just doesn't feel like home anymore. I Not elaborating. I'm thinking somewhere in England might better suit me right now. Put me closer to the electronica and techno that I'm feeling nowadays.

    The one good thing about being keeps me from thinking too much.

    [I apologize for my lack of updates and such. It shan't happen again, I assure you. *nods firmly* And I'd carry out my mod duties if I weren't so damn exhausted right now. So I shall do that first thing when I get online tomorrow.]

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2003-05-06 08:32 (link)
That's a cool title

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2003-05-06 23:16 (link)
Thanks. *cracks a smile*

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2003-05-07 07:20 (link)
Jolly ol' England? Jeez, man, how can I bother you if you're across the pond?

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2003-05-08 00:29 (link)
*chuckles* I'm sure you'd find a way.

Long time no see, man. How the hell are you?

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2003-05-08 00:46 (link)
I'm pretty good, man. And you?

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2003-05-09 10:17 (link)
[ Can I join your community ?]

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2003-05-09 21:58 (link)
[You would need to comment in one_hit_mods. Although we are only accepting people who are famous in their own right, not because of who they've dated.]

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