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Frankie (frankie110) wrote,
@ 2004-07-05 10:20:00
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    i'm so tired right now. i don't know what the hell is wrong with me why i have no will power. i was binging and purging for a couple days and then the holiday came and i just blew it all...i tried to not eat so much if at all but then my mom makes breakfast. nick takes me out. i don't know what i'm doing! i'm so fucking lost it seems like. but today i MUST get back on track. plus it was helping me writing here but then my cord broke but now my daddy fixed it! YAY!!! so i'm definitly going to get back on track...writing down everything i eat, work out, pills, drugs...what have you...everything that i can possibly think of for a reason that i will lose weight. this is my "everything i don't want any one else that i know to find out about" journal. i have another one that's not quite as in depth as this one but ppl i know read that one so i can't really go into details..whatever...but yea...
    so far today i have eaten NOTHING!!! but it's only morning..i think i'll go take some xenadrin or something and do a nice long work out then jump in the pool and do some laps...

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