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Frankee (frankee) wrote,
@ 2003-04-08 15:21:00
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    Everythings Peachy
    I may seem crazy ... but I am kinda gla I got caught. No, not because of all the misery right then, but all the misery it saved me in the long run!!! Cuz if I would have gotten high I would have just been recoverin from my sickness today! Sorry if I scared any of you ... I was just REALLY angry! But my mom and dad have understud my addicted situation ... I am not TOTALLY off the hook, but mostly off!
    I went to CMA with my mom last night, it was actually pretty fun! Mom and I were laughing and making jokes. She told me how this guy came into the meeting and he had spurs on his shoes and all my mom could think of in her head is that song "I've Got Spurs That Gingle Jangle Jangle ..." ha ha ha she is just as crazy as me! And once again I was the youngest one in the meeting!
    I have been working out lately ... and I got my endorphines going! I feel great! Yeah there is another part to that story! But I don't feel like confessing right now!
    Ashley... I listen to Rap too! Don't feel bad! I felt like a dork that one time you found my Missy Eliot cd ... eeek! Ok enough of that I am already bad enough without all that! HEE HEE HEE!
    Yeah so that's all for today!
    P.S Thank all of you for supporting me in not commiting suiside ... I am an ass!

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2003-04-08 17:53 (link)
Haha, the Missy Elliot CD. Don't feel like a dork. I'm glad to know that we both listen to rap! Har har. Now we are hardcore homie g's.


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Yeah homie
2003-04-10 15:05 (link)
Yeah Home Dawg! We be da shiznit! Ha ha ha. Anywho, yeah thanx again for not making me feel bad... Are you a Saint? Anywho, I am gunna bleach my hair again, and maybe dye it purple ... what do you think?
Fuck everyone who made Otis delete her name, I'm gunna hunt yo punk ass down and slaughter you like the pigs you are!!!!!!

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