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LosingGrip (fragilelife) wrote,
@ 2003-11-15 10:33:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

    Okay, so last night was fun... to a extent. I ended up getting really sick, because I'm dumb. I have a major headache, and I'm still a little on the dizzy side. Leighann came over at around 5 and we went and got some food then came back here and had a little pitty party, we put on face masks, did whitestrips, watched sad movies, did girly stuff. It was good until I got sick. And Leighann was talking to Caleb most of the time anyways. So today Leighann, Nerea, and Me are suppose to hang out, go on the Cruze and stuff, but I really feel shitty and I'm not too sure I wanna go now. =/ I don't know though it all depends. But yah anyways...

    *On another note* I just wanna say to a certain someone that I'm thinking about them right... NOW lol *coughlimercough* Thinking about the day I get out of this little hell of a town and me and you get the help we need. And we will, why? Because are strong women? RIGHT. haha. Yep that's my shout-out for the day!

    I'm going to go play with my dog NOW... ahhhh she's going to hate me lol.

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