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Rock on (fozgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 10:23:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Alice Cooper-School's Out

    woooohoooo freedom!!!
    i'm out of school for thanksgiving break!!! i skipped this assembly thing we had at our school today. yipee. i'm so glad. school is way to stressful for me. but now i have to do school stuff and college stuff. i have to write scholarships so i can get money so i can go to college. haha oh the pressure oh well. and i'm feeling better today so that's good. i'm still a little dizzy. oh well. i'm dying my hair today. kinda excited, kinda annoyed that my mother is making me and not letting me dye it black. oh well. i'll get it a cool color. i'm spending the nite at bev's house tonite and we're gonna party like there's no tomorrow b/c we'rew atching lord of the rings number 1 and maybe number2. we're nerds. parrrrrtay. oh isaac hanson is in the hospital with a blood clot in his arm!! it's more serious than they thought. i'm really scared, and i'm sur ehis family is too. keep them in your prayers. i love hanson. adios.

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