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Ellie and Loz (foxi_females) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 18:17:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Anatascia - Cowboys and Kisses

    Ok..sorry I haven't been posting or commenting..I just..haven't been fussed lately..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! year..will be my last at school..and my first at it looks to be interesting..

    Sophie didn't get accepted to Sheffield Hallem but I did..hmm..its cool but bad because she won't be coming now..:( less friend there..

    Lastnight..Joe had a party, it was joint New Years and Mike's Bday party..hehe..there was so many was drunk..had a laugh..Got lots of kisses on the cheeks guy, jonny, who was VERY drunk, tried to come onto me..calling me sexy and such..and i was like..scared..he was sick in the toilet like 10minutes later..eww..hehe..I got my I'm happy <3

    Well it was good, lots of things happened, can't remember them right now..Me and Becky walked to mine at was snowing..I love the snow..but DAMN i was cold..when i got home and changed (it was 1.5miles away), my legs were like burning and red for like an hour..:S..hehe..

    All in all, it was fun..then today I got a phonecall from Loz..shes such a and her bf have the weirdest conversations..:P..<3 ya wife

    Thats it..

    Love Ellie xoXox

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2004-01-02 12:52 (link)
sounds like someone had a blast... me tho, I just watched movies and got drunk... lol... had sex, and slept... w00t

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