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jen (fourthdimension) wrote,
@ 2003-02-27 13:38:00
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    Current mood:i suck i suck i suck
    Current music:havalina [the twirpentines]

    it's one oh eight and i really should be in school, but upon opening my eyes to the glaring sunlight that was really just the light above my bed, i decided i would rather feign a sinus headache that was actually quite real, but entirely bareable. so, here i am. trying to write a ten minute speech about free trade & fair trade & regulated trade. except i can't open my reasearch up because the computer hates me & comes up with all these errors when i try open one simple thing. die die die. starting at square one less than twentyfour hours before the paper/speech is due. nice. and it's not like i can bullshit my way through the speech, because we need a written copy. ho hum. and here i am, wasting away instead of actually working on the damned thing. i really don't even like school anymore. i never was one of those kids that always groaned about how much they hated school & learning, but i find myself more and more not wanting to go. it used to just be because of the people there; but now there's more. i really just don't like it. i want to know things, but i don't want to learn them. and i get distracted easily. and can spend, literally, hours staring at something, entirely catatonic with not indication of even being alive or making any effort towards motion.

    spent sixty-three dollars, virtually. oh the powers of online ordering. recieved my order today. oh, happiness from material possessions. or maybe not.

    random ear bleedage in spanish yesterday. quite the amusement. though, i was ready to kill the next person who said "look, it's snowing". RIGHT, because that so hasn't been happening for the past HOUR. oy vey. and we got out an hour early. and i have to work today. even though i'm supposed to have off. hey, maybe i can actually get some work done there. sure. that'll definitely happen. i'm supposed to be halfway done my book by monday. it's six-hundred-and-some pages long. and i'm on page thirty. and the forward was twenty-five pages. i spend more time calculating how far along i am [one fiftieth, by the way] than actually reading.

    augh. and somehow. have to figure out. how to get a bunch of people to new york city. and pittsburgh. need license. not until march 23rd, at the earliest. i'm sure my parents wouldn't mind me driving for five hours straight a week after being licensed. no, of course not. especially since i don't even used my side mirrors & cannot get ON the highway via those stupid stupid ramps. ack.

    i only update to procrastinate, that's bad.

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2003-03-20 16:54 (link)
good song.. good cd
good band

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2003-03-20 20:58 (link)
agreed. extremely.
although i have quite a bit of bias towards Leaving Never Far Behind, but this is presumabley because it's much more familiar. i suppose the 'new' disc will grow on me as i listen to it on repeat.

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