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Nicanda (fortune_faded) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 18:13:00
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    Current mood:okay
    Current music:The Mars Volta - Concertina

    **Loud Music**
    Hello there,
    I've got the meek shall inherit firmly planted into my brain. It's the most annoying thing ever. Except maybe children and midgets with high voices who don't shut up (no offence)...

    Today was quite tiring, I didn't sleep last night, was awake till about 5 then EVENTUALLY got asleep and had to get back up again. It sucks majorly. But I'll survive...

    New shopping list for show shit:
    [*] Pink/Red Fishnets
    [*] Black Fishnets
    [*] Black legwarmers
    [*] Hot Pants &/or Skirt
    [*] Sunglasses
    [*] Black Tie
    [*] Foundation

    I also have to rip up some trousers and a top, and I'll also be wearing my black bucket hat (yay I get to wear a hat!) at some point. Various other stuff too... but anyways, moving on...

    I should really do that maths paper and chemistry homework and read my computing notes to catch up, but I really can't be bothered. It stinks. I don't wanna *spoilt child face*... if I do the chemistry he'll only give me even more, so I'll leave it for ages then tell him I was too busy for a long time or something. I don't really care...

    It appears that I'll be getting an award. Miss McKay told me that I've to go to some random meeting about it on Wednesday at regi. Wed at regi. Wed at regi. Remember remember remember... So when is it again?... *yawn*. It's such a shitty thing, I remember last year I just sat talkin to Johnny and whoever else was next to us, I can't actually remember now. I think I fell asleep. It's soooo booooringgg... I might even miss a rehearsal to go to the practise for it... dear god.

    Random Things I'm Looking Forward To...
    [*] The show
    [*] Summer Holidays
    [*] Re-issue of Niandra LaDes & Usually Just a T-shirt
    [*] Chilis and Foos on the green
    [*] John's new album, Shadows Collide With People release
    [*] Alkaline Trio gig
    [*] John's Solo Tour

    Ooooh what a good year XD. I hope I don't have to wait untill next year for John's tour, or I may go insane... well, more insane than I already am. Yeah.

    Right, I'll be off now. I'm still searching for some of my primary school writing to post, which should be rather amusing.

    Bill xx

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2003-10-08 16:17 (link)
Ello, i noticed you have "message boards" listed as one of your intrests. I think you'd like This Board. See you there ;)

-Vicky x

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