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Trevor (forgotenone) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 14:26:00
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    uhh ok so umm ill start with awhile ago......umm i went to Qzar with tam and then a surprise visit to megan and shannen's house. next day i went to tams soccer game she scored the winning goal. uhh then we went to the mall and kinda got lost a lil but she helped me find my way home. lol. then she we watched a lil of kung pow that movie is just so funny and then orange county wich was very good then we watched lady and the tramp and then i went home so yeah uhh then next day was sunday so i went to church then eric and sean came over and we went to megan's and then we were about to go to freshmans but in her parking lot i was getting out of my car while eric was pulling in to the parking spot and my door hit his car and so we decided to go home cuz yeah we had to tell our parents. uhh hmm thats really about it uhh its monday and i went to work and class and i dunno ill tell what happens tonight when i get home from class

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