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riwork (forexporter) wrote,
@ 2009-11-28 16:05:00
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    Our equipments of Plastic Granulator

      Our equipments include Plastic Granulator,Plastic Crusher,Hopper Dryers, Vacuum Auto-loaders, Mixers, granulators,dehumidifiers,temperature controller, industrial chillers and the central feeding system.

    These granulators often work with stainless steel dryer(RDM series) and set beside plastic molding machine to collect the sprues and scraps produced while injection molding.The regrinding is then conveyed by the blower to the mixing chamber of hopper dryerwith vigin material proportionally and melt in the plastic-melting chamber.Therefore,the waste materials are reclaimed right before their characteristics changes, so as to keep the quality,lower waste and production cost.Moreover,if these plastic crushers equip with the manipulators,they will be more effectively than before. They are also applied to crushing various shorts,reuse and semi-finished products made of plastic and rubber materials such as soft PC,polycarbonate,nylon,ABS and so on in sheet,twig or mesh shapes.

    Plastic Recycling Granulator / Plastic Recycling Machine

    can reuse waste material to make granules 3*3mm, specialized granulator.
    The plastic granulator is especially for PE PP flim and solid material granulating and can realize Automaticly crushing and baiting through the powerof enables the crushing ,baiting and extruding all-in-one automaticiy.

    Plastic Recycling Machine is specialized for PP, PE, EPE, polystyrene and ABS extrusion, pulling and granule cutting.  

    Ningbo Beilun Rhong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

    Address: Dong Gang Qi,XiaoGang Subdistrict,Beilun,Ningbo,Zhejiang,P.R. China

    Tel: +86-574-86190788

    Fax: +86-574-86192527

    Mobile: +8613777239417

    Contact person:Leysa



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