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jewels (foreverisawish) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 13:08:00
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    Current mood:peaceful
    Current music:portside drive

    wish upon a star
    the tornado was absolutely amazing. i wish i had understood what was happening as it happened. for a brief moment in time i felt as though nature played out my life before me in the best of it's powers. i was in complete amazment by what was going on...but had no idea what was going on either. it came so quickly...and only lasted a short time. it was incredible. and that night i sat in my candle lit room...and i watched the moon. it is so beautiful when there is no other light to interfer with it. there was one star out that night. the sky was completely clear...but there was only one star. so i made my wish. (whenever there is one star...or a shooting have to make a wish) i didn't ever actually get to see the tornado...i wish i had. i love storms. for some reason they don't scare me....rather they intrigue and amaze me....

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2004-04-18 19:25 (link)
Hey my names Niki and i was lookin to make some friends..and i saw that u like sleeping at last..I do to i just saw there show a few days ago it was awesome. So would you add me? =)

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Re: hey
2004-04-19 12:41 (link)
hey! actually i have a different journal...i am never on this one anymore. i could still add you if you wanted me to. but the other one is
i switched cause i my friends were over here. sorry about that...

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