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*Sarah Chloe* (foreverforgiven) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 19:02:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:"Famous One"

    Back from Thanksgiving break..... was eventful and uneventful all at the same time....let's see if I can remember all that happened...

    *Got home about 7:30pm Tuesday night...finally, I thought I was gonna fall asleep on the way home cuz I was so tired, but I made it safely!

    *Part of my first conversation with my mom:
    Me: Okay....something to tell you, but keep an open mind...
    Me: Well, you remember how Nick and I first met? (he accidentally got my email address from Shane, and started talking to me on MSN to see who I was)
    Mom: Yeah......
    Me: Well....the same thing has kinda sorta happened again
    Mom: Meaning.....
    Me: Well...I've sorta been chatting with this guy online for a couple months.....
    Mom: And he's like Nick?
    Me: NO! The only thing the same is that we haven't met!
    Mom: So tell me about him....
    Me: Well, his name is Jason, he lives in Cincinnati, he's twenty....I've been talking to Brian too....they're friends....
    Mom:'re telling me this because....
    Me: I dunno...just so you know....and so you know that I don't talk to psycho people.
    Mom: like him?

    *I took my exegesis to Heather Tuesday night...she liked it!!! YAY!!!!

    *Thanksgiving dinner...yummy!!!!!! potatos!!! I was sad...oh was sick, that's why. Pabby made chess was so good!

    *I got to talk to Jason Thursday and Friday, I feel so disconnected without my sad is that?

    *It snowed all day Friday! Yay! But no accumulation in my little measly town....roads were bad in Lexington though....bleh

    *After Thanksgiving shopping....hectic! I saw I tried desparately to find some new clothes...didn't have much luck. Sometimes I just feel like growling at God for giving me the dimensions that He, jk I do, however, throw black stars (BC ppl should get that) at all the fashion designers in the world! Oh well...I found a sweater and a really cool skirt.

    *I went out with Kyle on Friday night. It really did have fun....went to Carrabba's and then bowling. I am such a horrible bowler!!! Oh, well, at least I have fun while I suck terribly! But.....I don't think there's a future....I mean, he's a great guy...but I dunno....He gave me a hug at the end of the night. I'm super glad he didn't try to kiss me!

    *Fight with my mom Saturday short...I'll be screwing up my life if I decide to be a bone marrow donor. *rollseyes* Compromise: wait til I'm out of college.

    *Saturday night: *a thimble full of bourbon helps the medicine go down...* Wait...that's not how it goes...GAG!!!! *shudders*

    *Jeopardy! I'll take family secrets for $600 Alex....well, it's not really a secret since EVERYONE KNEW EXCEPT ME!!!! I found out yesterday that evidently I was supposed to have a brother....named Seth.....but he died....because he had spina bifida. Evidently he should have been born when I was around 2/3ish....and I have no recollection of this AT ALL!!! But my 13 YEAR OLD SISTER....did a good job of filling me in....WTC? How does *she* know and not me? I was freakin alive at the time and *I* don't know? What is up with that? I think I should know if I have a brother...even one that didn't surivie....ugh....

    *In more recent news....Brian is being mean. lol

    I think that's about all....if I think of more, I'll think about adding it later...

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um, dont know what to say, but im bored so ill say something
2003-12-01 20:27 (link)
Hey Sarah,
Should be studying for test but this is more fun!! Um, yeah, checked your mail yet? Get anything good? Sounds like you had a good break, i couldnt believe it snowed in nashville!!! Well, hope this time of school goes fast, and i also hope you thought up an ending for your exegesis! Well, i need to study, grrr... But oh well, im sure i will get distracted in a few more minutes anyway. God Bless!
In Christ,
PS- i like the crazy eyes, lol. Dont you?

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