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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-05 01:25:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:" Hello" By Evanesence

    hey ppl! whats up.. nmh.. just bored as hades.. yeh.. urgh~!.. *sigh* im sorry i wasnt able to go to the movies AGAIN sharon..:-( this was your last weekend here for a while and i missed it.. urgh!..not to mention i havent talked to yongerz in 5 days!!! >.< i miss him soo much.. its driving me crazii not talking to him.. not knowing if he's okies..>.< :-( and then im not even gonna be home tomorrow.. urgh!.. *sigh* yeh NOW my parents decide they wanna head to the movies..UGH!!!! im really bitchy right now.. lol.. its like i have no fun at all...shite!! i have to deal with their shite, my brother's, and everything that goes on te house while they arent here...ugh!!! they just expect me to just deal with stress?!?! ugh!! i need to get out of this house and fast....sharon you know how i get when im stressed.. old habits start to creep out again..>.<..nothing YET but its getting there...i havent seen my friends in weeks.. no fun.. havent left the house for anything great.. geez!!.. ugh!! im glad i can vent here..>.<.. other than that im screaming at myself in the mirror.. or pacing back and forth talking to myself (yeh its gotten to that).. im very worried about whats gonna happen for that week that im not gonna be able to talk to my friends..ill be hundreds of miles away..>.<..ugh! *sigh*..*takes deep breaths* dammit now my head hurts...ill be glad when ill be away from my house for a while..i just wanna be with my friends and my yongerz >.< thats all i want!!! why is it so hard for that to become a reality?!? well.. #1 Parents..#2.. no way of getting there #3 time #4 distance (yongerz :-'( ).. theres always something that has to just make it parents being the main reason..well thankfully tonight at dinner (waffle house~yummy!) it wasnt so bad to be near them..actually we enjoyed dinner..TOGETHER which is like.. very very scarcely seeing as to how my parents work all the time..well yongerz gotta tell ya my dad heard that phone message.. lol.. so now he knows..and my brother told my mom a while was like "who's Yong?" he had a big grin on his face (good sign) lol..=P i cant wait til i talk to you again.. ive missed you like crazii .. lol ask SeenYo.. lol.. everytime we talk on the phone i think i mention your name like a million times..loll... course she talks about j-man al the time =P wow.. that was cool.. i think about the goo times and i forget about the that *snaps finger* hmm.. i know that grumpy feeling will be back later tho lol well.. maybe...i think im gettin all paranoid (lol sharon knows what i mean) and grumpy and stuff cause i havent talked to yong..>.< everything just seems to be perfect after i talk to him.. everything.. no matter what problem or whatever.. it just gets better with him... :-)..i know what sharon's saying.. *awwwies* yeh well what can i say...:-D.." to love is to life as roses are to red.. you don't have to see it to know its true* :-D wowzers! just made that up myself.. hey COPYRIGHT!!!!^^^^^ lol.. :-D thats for my yongerz now just thinking about him made me feel wow he's amazing even when he isnt here.. wowzers... he's probably worried about me cause we havent talked in about 5 days...>.< i miss him and im worried about him like crazii.. is he alright..?? is he mad?? is he sad?? what?!?! ya know.. ive been doing this everyday for the past 5 days.. lol.>.< kinda nice to know you're wanted huh yong?? lol.. sharon too!!! lol..:-D...well its about 1:20 AM right now...and im really bored.. but cant sleep..i havent sleep a decent night sleep since Monday night (remember sharon) i was like breaking down monday night >.< i wrote about it in an earlier journal.. yeh ..well its pretty much been like that every night except no crying.. just screaming like a maniac.. lol yeh..i told sharon.. i wanna go outside and throw a glass against my fence just to relieve stress.. since i cant go anywhere.. i might as well..*sigh* see that bitchy thing tryin to come back... nope!! not gonna happen.. lol.. -think about yong..think about yong- lol okies.. hey yongerz had any... Salagasms.. lately?!?! lmao! wow..and no sharon you dont wanna know.. lmao! i guess ill leave thinking about that for now..lmao.. ttyl !! biebies!!! <3 JNeL
    Sharon and Janelle BFF AAF!!
    I <3 Yong!!
    Sharon <3 J-man!!

    P.S- Yes sharon, i now my bro needs to stop gettin on my sn.. yeh im gonna try to make him stop.. lol..hes addicted to im gonna be his rehab coach more internet for him!!! lol.. hes gettin on my nerves!!! lol..

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