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JNeL (flutebabe) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 02:01:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Final FantasyX (intro)

    ppl tell me i dunno what love is..well that might be tru..but you dunno how i feel ..i know it and i might not seem eye-to-eye at times.. but i think this is real.. ive never felt this way before.. i only wish i could show the doubters how i maybe in a few years this'll pass.. but then again it wont..could he really be the one for me? no one knows the feeling of looking into his eyes..or that warm, happy feeling when he says "i love you"....or everytime you look at him or in his eyes you fall in love all over again....and now some of my friends are going through the same thing so they understand what it felt like to have ppl to tell you to get rid of him but you didnt listen..and everytime a sad song comes on your eyes tear up because you wish things would have been different...and you lie awake wondering if you ment anything to him ..or if you still do and if so how much ..thats sad story on sharon's page(read it its good!)stuff like that makes you think...and the song too.. (god i love that song!!!) stuff like that cross my mind ALL the time around him or not even around him....what could he be thinking..?? did any of it matter..?? i don't know..i just find it remarkable that i can get other ppl hooked up EXCEPT for myself...:( and old memories haunting me..humm....i just wonder whats next....what does life have instore for me and the ppl i love.. will we stay together like we say or will things turn for the worst... i dont know and probabl never will... but i know that right now, it feels like real love.. i know that i love him (no question) but REAL TRUE LOVE....could it be?? i wonder...we'll see.. til next time..<3 JNeL

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