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Giftmadchen (floodofred) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 10:24:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:marilyn manson - guns god and government

    it was okay. friday night fucking sucked though. i was supposed to go to tilton and then to calises but it didnt work out because my mother decided she didnt feel like driving me there. after she said she would. bitch. whatever. saturday i went to Ashlees, it was fun. fucking freezing. we went to the powerhouse in a taxi, that we were waiting for for ages. i was in the cold in a skirt. it sucked. but it was still fun. ashlee and i spent like 50 dollars on glitter and other shiny things. not to mention pearl tampons. thats right. ashlee bought tampons. TAMPONS. okay. hahahahaha i love you darling ;) and some fairy wings, and glow in the dark glitter, and glittery lipgloss, and translucent glitter, and silver nailpolish. we bought tickets to msi as well. oh my god. mindless self indulgence. its my lunch period right now. the cafeteria pisses me off, its way too noisy. i have a headache. uhmmm...bowie is soon. i cant wait. msi is on the nineteenth. bowie is on the ninth. i have rehersal til ten tonight. im going to ashlee's after. hahaha im glad we get to hang out a lot this week, cause it was like nothing for weeks before. i wonder when the musical starts. haha im a loser. whatever.

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2003-11-10 14:50 (link)
It's alright luv. The only reason I have a phobia about buying tampons is because of that time when like 50 million boxes fell on me in front of about 50 million people. Have some sympathy darling. Hahahahahahaha mmmk..

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2003-11-10 20:43 (link)

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