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Kathleen (flirteygirley) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 21:35:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:these walls- trapt

    i hate it
    i hate school so much.. i hate people at shcool. there are so many people i hate and so many people that hate me.. i dont understand why, most people dont like me for no reason at all.. and if they do have a reason they overreact. some people are just so obnoxious and evil.. i cant stand it. my sister is so pissed off about what i told her peopel are diogn to me. thank god shes visiting for a week.. i'll actually have someone to hang out w/ for once.. shes going to see school of rock w/ me so thats good. well ohter than that there is nothing i like right now.. i havent read a harry potter book in a few days b/c ive been so busy w/ hw and talking online and stuff and tv.. i needt o start the 4th book again soon! its the best one. anyway i dont wnat to go to school tommaorw, i might stay home. well we'll see.. i'll call tammy in the morning if i dont b/c it would be mean if she just waited for me and i didnt show up.. im scared to drive my car b/c it ilke broke down today but dad said its working okay now but im worreid its going to break down again.. im going to cry.. well i'm going to go back to laying in my bed crying over all this shit going on.. antoher funny thing, my mom might get kicked out of her aparmtenta nd have nowhere to live! wow, having a mom who is a bum is just SO great.. you people who have good parents are so much luckier than you think.. well my dad is brainwashed by linda.. i wont even get started on that b/c i already have said why i dont like her before.. GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I HATE IT AT THIS HOUSE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to move back to park village and live w/ my dad adn sister. but stephanie now lives in florida and my dad is here in this evil house.. i want to move out so bad, bu ti have nowhere to go.. well enough of this.. i'll go, i dobut iw ill be able to go to sleep anytime soon..

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2004-01-14 06:13 (link)
im sorry kathleen.
dont let people push you around, you can be a strong girl.
im here.
peace love unity respect

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