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Abby (flipflopjunky) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 18:24:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    i cried so much i ran out of tears.....
    i ran out of tears. so i was just laying there and looking at the ceiling blankly. then my mom walked in. she sat next to me.
    her- i have to tell u sumthing
    her- honey i know u r going through a lot but i thought u need to know that last night i wasn't at grandma's
    her- ::sighs:: i went to the bar and i got drunk and i met up with some attractive and nice guy. and u can figure out the rest
    :: i sit up::
    me- mom how could u?
    her- hey i thought u wouldn't be mad at me bc i talked to jared's mom and she said jared spent the night here.
    me- so
    her- abby i know ur in love and i can expect what happened. i was a gurl once myself
    :: i lay down again::
    her- do u want to talk about it
    me- no. sorry
    her- well u know u can always talk to me, because abby u know ur not the only one who lost sumone u loved.

    i never thought of that. i always thought that she was fine with the divorce. i was never there for her.i cant be mad at her though. im to depressed. and i made a mistake to. but it felt right.

    i decided to do what i always do when im depressed. at least for five minutes. even though i knew it was gonna hurt. i went to the garage and took out the basketball jared got me. i started shooting it. but for sum reason i was then angry. and threw the ball hard at hoop. i fell and started crying. of course of my luck alex pulled in. he saw me and rushed over.
    him- abby whats wrong
    me- ::crying::
    he then sat down next to me and rubbed my sholders
    him- its ok abby its going to be ok
    me- no it wont!!!!!! jareds gone and hes not coming back!!!!!!!!! ::more crying::
    him- abby im so sorry. if it helps i broke up with kelsey
    me- no it doesn't

    i threw the ball into the street and ran into the house. how would that make it better. even though i did like him and he probally knew it. but still. agh i feel like crap. im gonna cry some more.

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2003-08-01 12:24 (link)
well i dont think im gonna have a baby bc he used protection but i guess i could get tested for stds. god how could of i been so stupid. its going to be weird going there. i miss jared. can we not like go for a week. i might be better then. maybe


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2003-08-01 11:57 (link)
i'm sorry about your heartache, i know how that is. and sex just makes it harder. just please be careful and don't do anything drastic. feel better, dear.

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2003-08-02 10:47 (link)
i think im under control... i cant tell. thanx for caring.


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2011-10-17 18:46 (link)
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