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Rachel (fiwen113) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 19:53:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:birdies outside!

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachel's BACK! WHOO HOO!

    (i can see the eyes rolling now lol)

    but i did enjoy that heartfelt *i miss rae* from bexy a few days ago. lol. i missed everyone! a week is too long for me. but i did have fun.

    hmm..went to marthas vineyard. the vin vin for all u losers. lol. good times. lots of beach time...oh! and boat time too. my dad bought one from my uncle. very cool. but going out the other day with the remnints of tropical storm bill (or whatever) with high winds...= big waves. which = lots of boat rockage. and thats not from ..well...HAHA! lol you dirty minds, you!

    aren't u glad im back?

    lets see...oh. friday four of ash's friends came down becasue they have been blessed with the ability to drive themselves. (curse them! grr) so they stayed to watch the fireworks with us in edgartown. fun! so yeah..little car with eight people can be rough, so three of her friends had to stay in the way back. so yeah..laurie, being the weird ass nut that she is, decides to talk with all the people walking by. hehe. then on the way home...(the streets were verrry crowded with people, and bikes, and cars) and a traffic we were movin slooow. so laurie then decides to hit on all the cute guys walking by. lol...WAY TOO FUNNY!!

    after that escapade, we came home and made s'mores with the grill. yum. and my dad lit a few fireworks he (shhhhh!) smuggled from connecticut. lol..they weren't the ones that go up in the air..they just sorat fizzled in pretty colors on the ground. the FIRE DEPT was selling them for crying out loud!! it wasn't THAT illegal, right? hahaha...stupid laws.

    OH! and another wonderful story for you. the first night we arrived. max (my dog, duh) decides to go trotting around doing his business. yeah..hes THAT stupid, so he decided to chase a freakin skunk. and...TA DA! good 'ol max gets sprayed in the FACE! whoo hoo! now he smells like...omg, i dont even know. something dead, crossed with skunk...crossed with rotten onions from like, 100 years ago. so we drag him to the beach (5 min walk from the house) and sorta wash him a bit while the mother unit goes to buy tomato juice...ya know, seeing as we usually dont have 6 bottles JUST LAYING AROUND! lol

    so then we come back, wash him off a bit..then get to scrubbin. yeah, about 4 bottles later, he still reaks. so he had to sleep in the basement with ash b/c we had renters coming the week after us and we didnt want the house to smell like 100% white trash. but it was ok..the downstairs (basement) is kinda furnished becasue it will be a tiny little apartment soon. so there's a couch and a tv and stuff. but LOTS of spiders. ew. it took about 3 days for him to smell clean and semi fresh. lol...what a cute mutt.

    so that wa my wonderful vacation. yay. and i get to go back again for the weekend in august. for the NASTIEST BESTEST FIREWORKS EVER! oh, and em...cuz we're only goin for the weekend, and theres a renter at our house, we gotta stay at a little inn type thing. so that means u cant come..which totally sucks! grrr..your coming next year tho! i pwomise!!

    ok, im done. and out. done and out.

    your fav,

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2003-07-06 21:48 (link)
omg! i missed ya so much.,... no rae rae to be a dork with! rrrr


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2003-07-06 23:10 (link)
I LOVE your icon, btw. I wanna go to Martha's Vineyard!!! I love it there!!! *sigh* I don't go's sort of far away (like, on the other side of the country) but I love it. And omg, your poor dog! and poor you!! lol. Sounds like you had an awesome time!! I'm glad your back!

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2003-07-07 05:40 (link)
well rae im glad ur back even tho no one told me u were gone lol but im glad u had a good time, ur friend laurie sounds like my friend brittaney she does the same thing with random ppl.... lol vinyard must of been the greatst lol and sorry about ur dog LOL i know if kasey did that it would take longer cuz he a furry little thing lol


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2003-07-07 10:45 (link)
no worries

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2003-07-09 13:48 (link)
ur being a butt to your friends....

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2003-07-09 13:53 (link)
Yeah annoymous is right, you are being a butt to your friends!

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2003-07-10 13:03 (link)
becky your craaaaazy! whoo potc! lol

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