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Rachel (fiwen113) wrote,
@ 2003-05-23 20:35:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:stole....kelly rowland

    hey yo.

    im here. decided not to go to the vin. partly because my g'rents are driving me bonkers and i need a few days away from them. they've been a little longer than a week...but yeah. they're also here for a freakin month. uggghhhh...

    i also decided to stay because of max (my doggie). hes been having a lot of bathroom accidents lately. he's just getting old i guess. 11 years old and still goin strong. well anyways, yeah, hes getting old, having some accidents, etc. i guess we knew this was coming. we just gotta be more careful and let him outside a lot more often. but yeah, i didn't wanna leave him alone. (ashley will be home too, but shes usually gone long periods of the day). so im gonna be his buddy this weekend. but i still plan on having a life! lol

    bexy if ya wanna do somethin tomorrow, im all up for it. i wanna hear about what you bought today with nicole! anyways, just ket me know if wanna haaaaaang. aight???? (can i be ghetto?? lol)

    ehh...not much else. today was ashley's last day as a senior. it was pretty cool. all the seniors were screaming in the halls when the last bell rang, then ash was screaming in the parking lot. lol...shes crazy. her graduation is in two weeks. that'll be a bit weird. i dunno..i have mixed feelings about it. on one side...i can't wait for her to leave. on the other...i dunno. theres that tiny part that doesn't want her to leave. i think its because i hate change. i hated it when we moved last year. HATED it. i miss my old house sooo much. and then ashley got her license..then her senior prom...then my mom and her ms...then a whole bunch of stuff. i just like it better when we lived in the old house and everything was normal. grrr.....i. dont. like. change. period. its no fun! and now its my turn with the liscense and all that shizz. can you believe we're graduatiting in TWO YEARS??? thats craaazy. im gonna miss so many, many people. just the fact that i'll never see these people i've been going to school with for 12 years ever again REALLY freaks me out. lol....too many memories. (as bexy would put it...*tear tear*) haha.

    ok im done. any comments?? you know you wanna put your two cents in. so do it!!! lol

    later days,

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2003-05-23 22:13 (link)


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2003-05-23 22:43 (link)
hey rach! i def know what you mean about change, i want it so badly but i don't want it cuz its pretty scary! and we're graduating in 2 years is even scarier! gesh petkus was right, high school does go by fast! lol c'mon you can't tell me you don't miss petkus' classes! hahaha i def miss her making me look like the biggest idiot, but i'll get to have that wonderful experience next year! lol ttyl rach!

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2003-05-24 16:37 (link)
ew, petkus. although yes, she was right. but shes still a meanie!! lol..if ur in my class next year imma bitch her out if she makes u look stupid. can u see me doing that?? lol.

thanks to everyone for agreeing with me. and i sooooooo excited nicole is comin to g unit high next year. yaaaay! how cool! bye!!


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