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The Cries of a Tortured Soul (finishmeoff) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 16:35:00
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    ok.... ok.... in order...

    Jenn, Diana, Kim, Gamze, Jesse, Mel, Stace, Danielle, Justin, Devin, and I just chiling and locking poor souls in the basement, watching the Crow, eating like it's the end of the world, and then going outside and having multiple bonfires and throwing lighters in there so a big combustion takes place. Bye, Lighter :(. GAMZE! >:o. Yeah .. so... yeah... The entire time I was worrying about my parents, so I really couldn't enjoy myself. When they all left, my parents didn't say anything, lucky there . . . but . . .


    really bad dream . . .

    0 0 0 - listened to thrice cd for the last time before returning it to gamze. chilled.

    0 0 1 - art. painted bird. too many bad thoughts forced their way.

    0 0 2 - chilled with mel joe... who went to A MUDVAYNE concert at krome (i think thats where fata is playing) in south amboy... lucky... then danielle whos going to a 311 concert with stacey... yea i never get to go to concerts. class was ok... didnt fall asleep for once.

    0 0 3 - heh... drew pictures of that rutowski kid..? that his last name? burning in a pit =)

    0 0 4 / 0 0 5- i was late to geo! but jesse wasnt haha. mel looked sad.

    0 0 6 - visited danielle. went to lunch. attacked. tried to write about my dream. couldnt.

    0 0 7 / 0 0 8 - went to library for project.

    0 0 9 / 0 1 0 - fell asleep 3 times. got in trouble and teacher thought it was publicly humiliated. nah. why should i be all embarassed i was sleeping? stop being boring and maybe i wont sleep.

    0 1 1 - gym. did laps. yay.

    stayed after - - mel wasnt there contrary to what she said. saw jenn. jenn and i chilled. immature kids yelled "hey thats the girl u like" to their friend, "hey girl with the black hair my friend george likes you" i blinked and jenn pointed and laughed and it was stupid cause they were being retarded throwing shit at us and tapping me and running away so i yelled retarded things and jenn threw the planner in the garbage and they went garbage picking. got on the bus jenn and dustin and i were yelling shit out the window at them. weird conversations on the bus. . .

    came home.

    dad's an asshole. lies to my mom. mom believes him like a big idiot. she gets on my back. my dad gets on my back. yelling at me. no say in anything. whatever they say is truth, whatever i say doesnt count. why bother explain the truth when they accuse me of shit. said "i didnt" . to them - - raising my tone, having an attitude. i was calm as i ever was. now im pissed. because thursday my moms like IM GOING INTO YOUR SCHOOL AND TELLING THEM HOW MUCH OF AN ATTITUDE YOU HAVE etc etc. So, like, now i look like any other whiney teenager with a good life but exaggerates it cause of their attitude . . . I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!! So now my counselor person wont help me. She'll take my mom's side no doubt. I hate this. My voice is drowned out by the choir of a million lying voices. Great their yelling at me again. wtf.

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