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The Cries of a Tortured Soul (finishmeoff) wrote,
@ 2003-10-09 19:12:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Perfect Inertia "Nothing"

    Ha, she didn't even SHOW UP. . . and this chili is disgusting
    (Laughs for no reason) Heh.

    This morning: Incredible fog, dark skies . . . very beautiful to look at

    0 0 0 - Sooo . . . the day started off with Gamze being back to normal-present Gamze :-/ . . . Jenn was all distracted, and even though she doesn't mean to, well, I know she chose the wrong words yesterday, but that's how it always is, I know what she means. No one ever has to speak to me, I already know what they have to say, and I already know what's going on. Heh, this is like the sixth time I've listened to "Nothing" (the only mp3 I was able to get from Perfect Inertia) . . . sorry back on topic, Jesse in muteness, and me being distracted as usual with Mel and Diana.

    0 0 1 - Painted. Soothing. Then started two songs, but didn't quite finish them, because they don't seem complete - - "Twilight" and "Lab Rat".

    0 0 2 - Bid daily greetings to (i/o) Melanie, Joe, Becca, Danielle, Stace, and Steve. I glanced at my homework (To write your own Declaration of Independence) and I realized, since I wrote it like one in the morning (Sigh) I didn't remember anything I wrote. I re-read my homework to see I was declaring independence from wearing my mask, it was too exhausting (I state). At the end it says, "Those who disagree will suffer the fate of *****". I thought that was hilarious. . . but I had to cross that out. Danielle threw candle wax at me. Stacey laughed. Danielle didn't forget to make sound effects. Damn.

    0 0 3 - Tried to work on "Lab Rat". Neh, need more thoughts to collect. Slept . . . again.

    0 0 3 . 5 - The announcements switched over to some guy, and he pretended to be drinking coffee . . . which is stupid . . . I mean, hey, you're only on for like two minutes you don't need a drink, and he pretended to be startled by the camera. This is sad.

    0 0 4 / 0 0 5 - On the way to Geometry, some kid dropped all his books. Everyone was trampling all over his books. It felt good to pick them up for him. It felt even better charging him to pay the ransom for them back. . . (heh jk)

    0 0 6 - I visited Danielle, Becca, and Mike in gym. Then, went to lunch. No attack from Ian.

    0 0 7 / 0 0 8 - I found myself talking to myself again while roaming the halls, and disturbed all the passerbys. Heh. Funny. Class was a forty-five minute session of "How to Occupy an Idiot" and the "how" was the way I hold my pencil, and it "occupied" Jay, Sean and all around them.

    0 0 9 / 0 1 0 - Ham.. I mean Hum... We had a lab, national partner sucks up to you day, even though it wasn't lab day. Failed my test afterwards. Go me. ZERO!

    0 1 1 - Gym. Tackled shit. Great anger releasement.

    I stayed after for Writing Club and we had to write a story based on 3 clues we were given to create a murder scene. I was in Mel and Katherine's group. After that, THE STALKER stalked me, but I starting speaking Spanish, so he left me alone. Humphrey. Mel came over. 40 minute bus ride home - - why should Princeton kids be on my bus?! We nearly touched Point Pleasant. Bus was overpacked. Hm. Chilled at my house.

    All day I was waiting for my mom. I was waiting for the green slip. I was waiting for confrontation in the conference. Well . . . no. She didn't show up. No show. I stayed up last night practicing my every quote. Heh, and she even requested the conference. She's not even showing up. HA! But, I'm also kind of disappointed.

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