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The Cries of a Tortured Soul (finishmeoff) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 19:20:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:" I want a glazed " by Gamze D and Jenn M

    Being away from home kicks ass
    Well, well, well. Before you know it, the vacation is over. Let me tell you, as much as a rough, excruciating-to-the-soul time I had endured in the walls of this house, taking the extremely helpful advice I was given one splendid Friday night with people who look at life in a different perspective - - a more optimistic view allowed me to flee the pain. Thank you . . . for endowing me with a grain of hope in the deadness in the hole of my heart, I will watch and see if it grows . . . or if it withers. I pray it grows.


    Sunday, I got my stuff together for Jenn's birthday party with her family (actually it was suggested by her dad's best friend, Ray, whom she says 'is like a second dad'). I got her a rose-scented candle, a black candle (she always talks about how she never sees black candles and she's mad at that), a black candle-holder, a magazine with interviews of Glassjaw, Adema, Thursday, From Autumn to Ashes, and I "THINK" Poison was in it, a whoopee cushion, two lighters, a shot glass, a picture frame with 3 frames in one, the letter N, a hemp bracelet, Sweedish fish, and a mixed CD of all her fave songs.

    I was dropped off around one-thirty, and her dad was in a good mood. I had some general conversation with him, and then he took me to the backyard (I love Jenn's backyard.. it's frickin huge with woods and a garden and a pond) and I found Melanie and Jenn back there. We were all sitting in the . . . thing with a roof . . . I forgot what it's called. We blew up the whoopee cushion so Gamze would sit on it. Jenn snuck a smoke in the woods, and then her dad came, so we sat back in the thing with the roof. Her dad was yelling for her assistance, and she was all like "YES, OLD MAN?" And Mel was like "Yes, sir? Pop-pop?" And he's like, "I'M NOT AN OLD MAN!"

    So, he walks over to us and goes for five minutes straight doing different poses and he says, "Call me the ultimate male." The three of us laughed and agreed he was a weird specimen. "You animal!" Haha, he was workin it. Later on, Gamze and Kim arrived, and we nearly had her sit on the cushion, but she missed it by like 2 centimeters. They snuck smokes and then we were summoned to the front of the house, where we saw Ray, Amy (Dan's half-sister and friend of Brigitte's), and Kathy arrive.

    Melanie chose to sit with Ultimate Male, Jenn went with Amy, Ray, and Kathy, and Kim, Gamze, and I went with Mrs. Jean the machine (Jenn's mom). It was the funniest thing ever to sit in the car with Mrs. Jean. She beeps at random people, talks about the rugged type of guys, and how she like watching fishermen, and how she doesn't know how to work the car. She was jealous of Mel and Mr. Ultimate Male (lmao) because they were in the car in front of us all laughing and everything. Mr. Ultimate Male ran out of the car at a stop light and gave a walkie talkie to Jenn in Kathy/Ray's car. Andrea kept laughing.

    We got to the Shrimp Box and we were seated all the way in the back at a huge table, and the view was awesome. Sun freckles glimmering in small, choppy velvet walls. The boats that were there were freaking huge. The Shrimp Box is right by the Jetty. I wrote a song on a placemat about this pelican I saw - - no, it was a retarded song. Haha. Our waiter was really nice but we kept confusing the hell out of him by talking all at once and asking for a million different things.

    We overstuffed on salad and we had so many funny conversations. Melanie fell for this Mexican named SOLOMON (yes, we asked his name) who kept putting the blinds down due to the sun rays. When our food came we were all shoving it down our throats. It was soooooooo good. sooooooooooooo good! We had spent like two hours in that resturaunt talking away. Jenn was really happy. I was glad to see her happy on her birthday. Her dad and Ray had a pitcher of beer and gave us a community glass of beer to share for her sixteenth birthday. It tasted like Corona. (hehehe to this day they still didnt notice jenn and i took it that day we searched for a bottle opener)

    For desert, we had the whole restauraunt sing to Jenn. Jenn wanted to kill, and followed my knife-grab (for my birthday I did that) but it had a packet of butter on the tip so she looked funny. We had carrot cake and vanilla ice cream. Solomon was harassed by all of us. I tried to take a picture of Solomon for Mel, but she wouldn't let me and attacked me for it.

    We left stealing mints and came back to her house - - something NO ONE IS EVER ALLOWED TO DO. WE ACTUALLY CAME INSIDE HER HOUSE!! Her parents were in such a great mood, I was so so so so so not used to that. Jenn was actually getting along with her family and her friends. It was amazing for her. I felt incredible for Jenn. A warmth came from being with her family. Ray's family and Ultimate Male's family talked of highschool days, they had been friends since 7th grade. Gamze and Jenn laughed that Jean was THE MACHINE. Amy asked me how Brigitte was. I told her about her day. Haha. Melanie was playing with Andrea. Then we heard hunting stories from Ultimate Male.

    Her dad had a bit too much beers, and was really, really funny - - he's like "Jenn, it's like I always told you, it's easier to down a human than it is an animal" and "I always told you, if anyone messes with you, they will go on my hunting wall." Haha he was lost. He was encouraging Jenn to kill hahaha. . . shit NO JENN NO! DON'T KILL ME! Since her parents were in SUCH a good mood with Ray to favor Jenn and Mel to persuade them, they said 'yes' to having Jenn sleep over Gamze's. Jenn's never allowed to do anything! She was so lucky.

    After opening presents, Jenn brought us into her room, where we are never allowed and we took advantage of seeing her entire house, because we would never be allowed inside again. Jenn had to put the caps on the fire and it was funny, she was struggling. Later, Mel, Jenn, and I went over Gamze's to sleep. Mrs. Gamze's mom (I call her mom) was happy to see me and was concerned about me and I told her I was holding strong. The people I talked to Friday - - they were right, by keeping myself away from home, I was happier than ever.

    We watched THE NEW GUY and old tapes of old hang outs. Jenn did this funny leg thing to Gamze. I wrote a song. An optimistic song. I decided to call home and say I wasn't coming home, and my mom said, "WERE GONNA HAVE A TALK", in an angry voice, "WHEN YOU COME HOME." Ok. We all had funny talks and spoke of old times where we used to hang out all autumn/winter/and spring last year. We especially talked about last autumn. Then I told them to come over next Monday for my autumn thingy.

    Gamze and Jenn's high-pitched song:
    "I want glazed. A glazed donut that is. So would you please. .. please... give me a glazed. A glazed donut that is. Someone give me a glazed donut."

    ^ lmao u really gotta hear this song.

    One by one they submitted to sleep. Jenn and I woke in the middle and threw a sweatshirt on Mel cause she snored haha. Then Gamze woke and told me to take it off her, so I did, because she wouldnt be able to breathe. Then, we went to sleep. Then I woke up cold, and I asked Mel if I could have some blanket.


    In the morning, we got ourselves up at six. We would have all stayed up, but I went back to sleep. Hah. We woke at eight, got dressed, and set foot to Dunkin Donuts. Just like last autumn. We all got sandwiches and coffee, and we made comments on Dunkin Donut's prices. Hah. Then we went to Exerds where some old lady bitched at us for looking at gel and sent other old ladies to spy on us. We got real pissed so we kept switching aisles to piss them off. Then, we gave dirty looks to the woman and left. Some immature kids in a car rolled down their windows and said shit to us. We gave them the finger and agreed the world sucked, but we were having too much fun so we didn't care. We saw Mel's landlord.

    We came back and Mel and Jenn played hockey. I played with a Rubics cube, then gave up, and played TH4 with Gamze. I was reminiscing. Gamze told me not to reminisce. I asked why. She said she didn't know what that meant. I asked her if she thought it meant to pass gas or something. She laughed and said no. I said it means to remember old memories. Jenn was like OH YEAH we used to walk everywhere and play TH4 all the time! :') sniffle. Gamze had to take her driver's test, so we had to leave early.

    Mel's dad/ Connie took us to the beach to collect shells. Mel and I came across the bones of something . . . whatever it was, it must have been huge to have so many bones all over the beach. When we were done, her dad took us to Burger King and we got shakes and burgers, and I pointed out Mexicans to Mel. Yeah, she's in love with them. Ha. We took ten thousand Izone pictures, and then we played in the kiddie thing, I went up there and got claustrophobic. We took Mel to her work and Jenn and I handed our applications there. (Dunkin Donuts).

    Then Mel's dad took me to Evergreen and then went to bring Jenn home. I chilled with Jesse for an hour and he played bass and I learned that I have no skill and I can't play bass and will never be able to play bass or guitar or ... ::goes into depression for lack of skill:: anyway yeah then I was tortured by being forced to see my hideous seventh grade picture in the yearbook and I wrote captions under pictures and looked at this Egyptian book thing and then I messed around on the piano. Then I rode to Diana's on my crappy falling apart bike and she was surprised to see me. I helped her with her chores and we caught up with one another. Then I departed home for it was getting dark and very very cold, so I went home.

    Mom's not home. Dad went to take Brig to karate as soon as I showed. YAY!

    I want a glazed...

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