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Diana (fifiums) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 15:58:00
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    Current mood:cold

    hate passion
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:15 PM]: yes tiny slits in his throat will make him wish he never even spoke
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:15 PM]: thats a part of one of the poems dhani and i was talking about
    TwistedWikked [3:16 PM]: ooo, that's nifty
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:17 PM]: i thought so
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:18 PM]: but wasnt sure
    TwistedWikked [3:18 PM]: i write very hateful poems... everyone who reads my one called "sweets" always gets freaked out and look at me all weird... so i decided to not let that many people read my poems anymore if theyre going to take these silly macabre fantasies literally
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:18 PM]: so thanks so much
    TwistedWikked [3:18 PM]: heh, no prob bob
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:19 PM]: yeah i kno the only person who didnt get scared was dhani so that is why she is the only one who is allowed to read them
    TwistedWikked [3:19 PM]: yea, she's good with that. she doesn't judge
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:20 PM]: yeah usually ppl would be all like someone needs anger managment
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:21 PM]: and i'd be like thats it i'm writing a song about you
    TwistedWikked [3:21 PM]: yea, everyone used to say i needed to see a psychiatrist.... which was probably true... but, eh
    TwistedWikked [3:21 PM]: hehe
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:21 PM]: *shifty eyes* i dont need a psychiatrist just a little time alone
    TwistedWikked [3:22 PM]: ha, yes, exactly!
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:22 PM]: mmmhhhpp
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:24 PM]: ppl misunderstand me
    TwistedWikked [3:26 PM]: yea, people don't understand the odd sorts of things that go around in a troubled mind. they think there's something wrong with you, when it's really just a way to release pent up emotion. most people just let it out quickly and vocally, while others let it linger until something is about to explode and you need to write or else you may die....
    TwistedWikked [3:26 PM]: that's how it for me anyway...
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:27 PM]: for me too
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:28 PM]: i mean its like if i don't write it down i feel incomplete cuz half the time you can't really tell anyone else what your feeling cuz they really wouldn't understand
    TwistedWikked [3:30 PM]: yea, it was the worst for me last year. because dhani was my best friend who i could tell anything to, but she was suddenly gone and i would no longer see her everyday. and that's when i started writing the angsty poems with blood and death and suicide everywhere.
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:31 PM]: yeah
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:32 PM]: except i was more of a loner in the sense that i didn't tell ne one ne thing i just kinda stayed home or went places with my mom
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:32 PM]: so i've been writing down things like that since like seventh grade
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:33 PM]: i threw away a bunch of them tho cuz my brother found some and told my mom i was suicidal and then she was bugging me
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:33 PM]: tho i really wasn't it was just wat i wanted to do in my head
    TwistedWikked [3:34 PM]: yea... my dad found one of mine... he told me i should see a psychiatrist, but then i told him how i usually only write when i'm sad or angry and the poems signify emotions that i need released and can't get out any other way. i had to argue with him for quite a while...
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:35 PM]: no my mom took out the ole psychiatry book
    TwistedWikked [3:37 PM]: we dont have any of those... so my dad just figured i was suicidal. i've been depressed and such since the 5th grade, so he thought i should see someone.
    TwistedWikked [3:38 PM]: did you have a nice awkward talk with your mother with the book?
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:38 PM]: oh well my mom thinks she's my personal shrink
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:39 PM]: it says here a healthy relationship can only be acquired with experience diana you need a boyfriend,
    me: leave alone
    TwistedWikked [3:39 PM]: heh, o god...
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:40 PM]: mom: pushing me away isnt going to help it, communication is what differs us from wild animals
    me: no really leave me alone
    TwistedWikked [3:42 PM]: my mom gets really upset if i try to tell her to go away. one time she started sobbing and i felt really bad...
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:43 PM]: mine too
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:44 PM]: i some tiny part of me enjoys it jk
    TwistedWikked [3:44 PM]: ha, youre such a meanie...
    Kyliegirl1089 [3:44 PM]: i kno

    Look at yourself in the mirror
    Are you satisfied with what you see
    well if you are you shouldn't be

    Cuz i see the real you and all you do is palter
    Making yourself out to be a paragon
    But it's all a mirage an image only to be seen
    An untangible thing you are
    what you needs a little paris green

    To make you think twice before you act or say anything
    Perhaps twitch before you put on this fake disguise
    To make you squirm and have it eat out your insides
    you better hope it works
    Cuz if i get to you before it does
    I take you down piece by piece
    Slowly and painfully making you decease

    All the lies you say will cease
    tiny slits in your throat
    will make you wish you never spoke

    Look at yourself in the mirror
    Are you satisfied with what you see
    well if you are you shouldn't be

    hhhmmm to nics bitch muhahahahahahaha bye bye

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2004-02-08 22:56 (link)
wow, that is awesome. i commend your writing style, very unique. good job :)

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