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Erykah (fetusrose) wrote,
@ 2004-02-15 20:55:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:james taylor

    valentine's day
    So yesterday was valentine's day and it was absolutely brilliant!!! I mean brilliant...well, we can start with Friday night actually...Lendy and I started the weekend out right with a great meal at los portales and then anthony and sang rolled into town and the three of us went to Carrie's house and hung out and then went to see Big Fish, which I slept through most of...and then we came back to the hizzouse and slept til we went to basketball practice at nine in the morning and then we did the whole visit jackson's mall and see lendy at the wellness center and union baseball game and lambuth basketball game....then we came back to the house where we celebrated Graeter's ice cream with a ton of folks...which was nice...anthony and sang are dolls - they brought me flowers and so much ice cream and cookies and they are just the sweetest...anyways, after the ice cream festivities we went to memphis and ate dinner at the olive garden (lendy, sang, anthony, becky, andre, laurie, and me) and then laurie, andre, anthony and i continued on in memphis dancing at beale street which was oh so fun. Then this morning we ate at cracker barrell and then they headed home...sad times :( but then we went to andre's apartment and watched a movie and that was fun and then there was basketball practice which is always super fun :) however...i am a little pissed right now because my former roommate came to our apt and finished off two of the pints that anthony and sang brought for me...while i wasn't here...unendorsed...and then she put the empty containers back in the freezer...yeah that's going to be a time of confrontation tomorrow but hey - whatever...yeah so anyways...the boys made it back home safely so that makes me happy and its about to be eunice and cat's birthday so now i am workin on my surprises for them :) tata for now...

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