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Ferris (ferrisbueller) wrote,
@ 2004-06-02 19:28:00
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    "Today you'll wake up and do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep."
    So...blurty time.

    I guess I'm going out of town tomorrow evening. So I want to do something tonight or tomorrow, but I told my friends not tonight because I thought I could do something tomorrow night, and it would make the parents happy if I stayed home. Now I'm kinda upset about that, given that I'm going out of town until Sunday night, and who knows when I'll get back then. That and Caitlan's going out of town...Tuesday I believe. So I really need to do something Monday.

    I'm gonna write Caitlan three notes. One for her on the way to where she's going, one for while she's there, and one for the way back. Hey...I thought it was cool.

    Anyway, summer's here, and it's not quite the total blast I thought it'd be. The crap they assign at school for over the summer (that's what it is, complete, unadultered crap) is always hanging over my head. I hate that. My parents are all weird about me being out late, because they stay up for me when I'm out, and they never want to stay up late. That's really annoying. I hate being the first one to go, it pisses me off so much. That and I'm looking for a job. Erg. So there are some minor quibbles and I've decided that except for the summer after senior year, it's impossible to have a perfect summer.

    ...well not impossible. But something earth-shattering amazing would have to happen...and that's highly unlikely given my track record. Although, for what it's worth, I'm trying. Hard.

    Anyway, I'm gonna go now.

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2004-06-03 21:03 (link)
Just do something earth shattering amazing that you've never done before. Go bungee-jumping. Or just go to a concert or something. Something really fun.

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2004-06-05 17:32 (link)
Its cause you don't have morgan in your summer

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