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Carrie (feelinsogood618) wrote,
@ 2003-02-05 16:50:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Dashboard Confessional : Screaming Infedelities

    my daii was really gOod. seems like everyday has been awesOme since i've been gOing Out w/ RiLEy. he is just sO gOod tO me and such an awesOme persOn inside. he puts a smile On my face 24/7. MmMm... well, schOoL was Ok. me and riLey left in 3rd periOd ~n~ went tO his hOuse. OoOh, I knOw.. it's bad to skip... but OoOh well. I'm hardly ever absent, sOo it's all gOod. yeah, sOoOo.. we were alOne at his hOuse. ;) arOund 3 we went tO the beach ~n~ walked. we didn't surf tOdaii b/c the waves sucked. :( after that, he drOve me hOme arOund 4:15, and nOw he's at wOrk.

    tOm came up tO me @ schOoL ~n~ was like "did shannOn really fuckin' mOve?" ~n~ I was like yes! he is having a really hard time dealin' with it. i believe him when he says he lOves her, but i still don't think she shOuld give him anOtha chance b/c he's a player. i was talkin' tO the Other shannOn todaii, ~n~ she swOre tO me that they didn't dO anything that time when him ~n~ matt went tO her hOuse while he was gOin' out with yumz. sOoOo maybe he never cheated On her afterall. but STILL.. he cheated On Lexi with shannOn ~n~ lied tO shannOn by tellin' her that him ~n~ Lexi brOke up. sOo yeah, he's stuck with the label "diCkhead".. bahaha.

    it's One big cOnfusng sOap Opera ~n~ i'm sOo glad i'm nOt invOlved.

    here's twO pics Of riLey that i think are sOoOoOo cute. :)

    eatin' a cupcake...

    loOkin cute afterschOol by the beach...

    <3 later days *->> Carrie

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2003-02-05 17:35 (link)
HES HOTT! Is that your b//f?? If so0 lucky lucky you!! hehe

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Re: Damn
2003-02-05 18:03 (link)
yup! he's my b0yfriend! hehe. i'm very lucky. i l0ve him s0o much! i'm g0nna add ya as a friend, oki? i'm new here ~n~ i have no friends! haha..s0o add me back if y0u want, kz? <3 Carrie

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Re: Damn
2003-02-05 19:03 (link)
Okk ill add seem very kick ass!!
*skips off and addz you*

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